Why A "Big Data" Personality Test?

Why do we need yet another personality test?  Because, without "big data" technologies online "personality tests" suffer these problems:

  • With most tests, we quickly see a pattern to the answers, and can easily steer the test to the outcome we want
    • Do we really learn anything when we "cheat" this way?  (No)
  • Test writers like to invent their own cryptic definitions for commonly understood words
    • See various definitions for Extrovert, Intuition, Conscientious,etc.
  • The math to calculate the results must be kept simple (weighted sums), to reduce server overhead
  • To keep in line with the simple math, a lot of these tests force an un-natural, robotic answer format
    • Do I strongly or highly agree with the statement they just presented to me?

Freshlex, LLC presents a "big data" personality test, for charity.  Our test differs from traditional tests:

  • Ours is fun!  A combination of serious, thought provoking, and silly questions
  • Random, arbitrary questions
    • We won't see a pattern until enough people take the test and we crunch the numbers
  • Simple "yes" or "no" answers... no "somewhat/ slightly/ strongly agree" garbage
  • Since we do the "heavy lifting" on the back end, we can keep it fun and simple for the user
  • Ours goes to charity
    • We will be open about the expenses involved in this voyage.  If by some miracle we figure out how to make money off this, we'll donate it to charity.

Thank you for reading this!

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