Get Brave Creator Verified and Earn Creator Rewards

Brave Software developed a privacy-focused browser, that (unlike competitors) blocks all online advertisements and web trackers by default.

Brave Rewards pays out content providers crypto based on views.

In order to get paid, you must get Brave Creator Verified. A blue check indicates if Brave granted a given website Brave Verified Creator status.

In the screen grab below, you will see that this site received the Brave Verified Creator blue check.

Brave Verified

This blog post walks us through the process of receiving that blue check.

Install the Brave Browser

To reap the benefits of Brave, we must first install the software.

Open the Brave Download Page in a new tab and click the Download button.

Download Brave

After the download completes, Open the installer to start installation.

Open the Installer

Click Run.

Run the Installer

The Installer provides status through the installation.

It first phones home to the Brave download repository.

The Installed Connects

The Installer then downloads the binary.

The Installer Downloads

It checks your Operating System.

Wait for the Installer

The Installer then begins installation.

Installation Commences

After the Installer completes, it launches the Brave Browser.

Successfull installation

Configure the Browser

Brave allows you to import bookmarks, apps and history from another browser. Select Chrome Person 1 if you previously used Chrome.

Import Chrome Bookmarks, Apps and History

Brave downloads your Chrome plugins. You will see a series of completed Downloads (one for each plugin) with filenames that include random characters.

Import all your Chrome Plugins

Select DuckDuckGo for your default search engine. DuckDuckGo provides a private, secure Internet search service, free from trackers and spyware.

Select DuckDuckGo for Private Browsing

Register and Connect Crypto Wallet

In addition to security and privacy, the Brave browser pays you to surf the Internet.

In order to get rewards, you must link a Crypto wallet to your browser. Click Start Using Rewards to begin.

Click Start Rewards

Brave provides a wizard that explains how to earn rewards. Either click through the tour or click Skip.

Take the tour Wizard

To register a wallet, click the Basic Attention Token (BAT) icon and then click verify wallet.

Click the Basic Attention Token (BAT) Icon

Click Continue.

Continue with Verification

At present time, Brave provides the option to select either the Uphold or Gemini Crypto wallet.

In this blog post, I use Uphold, which also allows easy connection the Brave smart phone App.

Select Uphold for Brave Wallet

Click Authorize.

Click Authorize

Click the green text that reads Sign up now and then fill out the web form.

Sign Up

Brave redirects to an information screen.

At this point, you will need to check the email account of the address you entered into the web form.

Check you Email

Find the Uphold email in your email client, open the email and then click Verify.

Uphold Verification

Uphold provides another wizard to create the crypto wallet.

Fill out the required information and complete the wizard.

A Wizard to Sign Up for Uphold

Uphold uses Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) to protect your registration.

Provide a cell phone number in order to receive a secret hash that you must enter to continue.

Verify your phone number

After you enter the MFA token, enter your home address.

Enter your Home Address

Uphold renders a success splash page and the option to connect external crypto wallets (Coinbase, Kraken, STEX).

Click Let's do this.

Connect an External Wallet

Answer and click through the required questions.

First Question

Once Uphold returns the Dashboard screen, click Verify your identity.

Click Verify ID

The web page provides a QR code. Take a picture of the code with your cell phone camera and then navigate to the displayed web page on your cell phone.

Scan the QR Code

Switch over to your smartphone and follow the instructions.

You will need to snap pictures of your driver's license or passport.

Send Code to Text

Once you complete the tasks on your smartphone, navigate back to your email client, locate the Uphold email and then click Link my bank account or card.

Check your Email Again

Enter a credit card to buy BAT, which allows you to tip other content creators.

Enter your Credit Card

Enter the desired amount of BAT and complete the purchase.


Click the BAT logo.

Click the BAT Logo

You will see a message that indicates that you connected a Verified Wallet to your brave browser.

Your verified Wallet

Close the message and select the Enable Two Factor Authentication button. Uphold will present a QR code. Use you smartphone to scan this code with the MFA app of your choice. I use Authy.

Enable Two Factor

Register for Creator Rewards

At this point you installed the Brave browser and connected a crypto wallet. Now you will register with Brave to receive Creator Rewards.

Creator Rewards pay you crypto each time a visitor views your original content.

In a new tab, open the page

Click Sign Up and enter your email address.

Brave Creators Splash Page

You do not need to configure a password with this site, you authenticate via a link sent to your email address.

No Password

Navigate to your email client once more, locate the Brave Rewards Creators email and then click Verify email.

Check Your Email Again

Enter your name and click Sign Up.

Enter Your Name

Brave Rewards lists the actions you need to take in order to complete the registration process.

Click OK.

The Creator Signup Checklist

Pick your payout Crypto. I selected BAT.

Select BAT Payout

Now select the channel medium. Since I have a website I select Website.

Select Add Website

Enter the domain name of the website you own.

Enter Your Domain Name

Now download the verification file.

Download the Verification File

Brave provides a token. Upload this token to your website. I did so via the following command:

$ aws s3 cp brave-rewards-verification.txt s3://

The Instructions for Verification

Brave verified my site within minutes.

After verification, my publishers page listed my new channel.



The Brave project provides a new exciting way to receive a commission for web traffic.

Please comment below with a link to your Brave Rewards enabled website and I will leave you a tip!

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